Share — Share life with each other.

Pray — Spend time talking with God.

Learn — Actively learn the transformational truths found in God’s Word.

Apply — So what does the Bible mean to me?

Tell — Tell everyone about Jesus.

Each week students will go through all five areas, as they grow closer to Jesus by practicing and learning more about their faith.

The SPLAT approach is based on three main goals

• Present truths that transform.

• Connect students with the cross through life application.

• Produce abundant life in the hearts of students.


• Allows students to extensively see God’s Word start to finish.

• Gives students a variety of biblical accounts.

• Allows for the transformational truths found in the Bible to be repeated without students getting bored from hearing the same biblical accounts over and over again.


Active learning allows students to get up out of their seats and experience God’s Word and the truths found in it. We believe when students experience transformational truths, it tends to stick with them longer and have a lasting effect on their hearts and minds.


What activities does SPLAT have for children?

Depending on the age-group, SPLAT offers a variety of activities in the SPLAT Student Leaflets, using the SPLAT Visuals and instructions for games, object lessons and role-play activities in the SPLAT Teacher Leaflets. SPLAT Tell Cards even provide students with the opportunity to continue in active learning at home.

What help does SPLAT provide for the teacher?

Our SPLAT Teacher Leaflets are full of step-by-step activities for teachers. The teacher leaflet has been designed so a teacher has options for the Share, Pray, Learn, Apply and Tell portions of the lesson. A teacher can then choose activities based on how much time he has to prep, the learning styles of his students and the setup of his classroom or Sunday School time.

When is it time to place a new order?

According to our friends in customer service, four to six weeks before the quarter begins will give your SPLAT materials plenty of time to arrive. However, if you get in a bind, we can always overnight your material the week before the quarter begins. Just keep in mind that there will be extra shipping costs.

Are there special lessons for Christmas and Easter?

One of the beautiful things about SPLAT is the theme lessons. The theme lesson is an additional lesson found in each quarter that covers a specific theme occurring in each quarter. All fall quarters have a special lesson on Thanksgiving. Winter has a lesson on Christmas, spring on the Resurrection, and summer on patriotism. These lessons are not a part of our Scope and Sequence and are designed to be inserted on those special Sundays at the teacher’s discretion.

Why are there no make and takes?

For prior Bogard Press customers, the absence of a product called the make and take makes SPLAT very different. However, we have not completely done away with this beloved product. Instead we have combined the student book and make and take from our Bible Basics series and created a mega product, our SPLAT Student Leaflets. The student leaflet contains the best of both worlds while providing a greater quality of activity. Plus, the absence of the make and take has allowed our writers to include more activities that help students to get out of their seats and experience God’s Word in a new way.