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How to Decorate Your Classroom Series

Children so are visual. That’s one thing I’ve learned in my few years of experience. But it’s something that we have deeply embedded into the body SPLAT. They like to be transported to new and fun places. Over the next few weeks I’m excited to share with you some fun ideas of how you can transport your students to your very own artist studio each week during SPLAT.

Not all of these ideas are my own. Some are ideas from our writers, others from Pinterest (where would we be without Pinterest) and some are ideas for school classrooms and homes that have been adapted for use in your classroom. But first let’s address that bulky thing in your classroom that takes up almost a whole wall.

From Bulky to Beauty

I hate bulletin boards! There I said it. The cat is out of the bag. They are bulky and time consuming and flat and ugly if not maintained properly. But like every Sunday School classroom ever has one. So here are some tips to help make that bulky thing become a beautiful work of art.

First, make sure that the trim on the bulletin board is well maintained. This is the one part of the board that you can't cover up with paper so give it a little attention by touching up the paint or even repainting it once a year.

If the cork part of your board is falling apart, a great replacement alternative is exercise pad materials. The building and grounds committee person at my church found some in 2x2 puzzle pieces that interlock at Home Depot.

Interlocking Gray Foam Flooring

The only thing is, they are gray which works out awesome for us because it keeps students from being able to write on it if you choose to not cover it with paper or fabric. Use multipurpose floor adhesive, attached them to the back of the bulletin board. I'd also suggest not directly attach these to the wall but to the plywood back of the board.

After making sure your board is properly maintained, you have to make the choice to cover your board or not to. If you do, bulletin board paper or fabric work best. If you can find an inexpensive fabric, I personally feel it is more durable and the best choice for bulletin boards. But paper works just as well; however, to get substantial coverage, sometimes you have to double it up.

After that, you need to decide on a border. One fun trick I found online is to use paint chips from your local hardware store. I thought this was a pretty cool and inexpensive idea for a generic SPLAT bulletin board. They also make a painted palette rainbow paint chip border that is available from Oriental Trading.

Painted Palette™ Rainbow Paint Chip Border

This painted palette rainbow herringbone bulletin board border, also found at Oriental Trading, is adorable.

Painted Palette™ Rainbow Herringbone Bulletin Board Border

Either of these three options would look great with plain cork, the gray exercise mats, white or yellow paper or fabric as a background.

After developing your background for your SPLAT bulletin board, you can put just about anything you want in front of it.

As a promotional bulletin board for SPLAT in your children's ministry area, use the Hue print out below on ledger size paper to cut out and glue or tape together. He says, "Come have a SPLAT-tastic time in Sunday School!" This image would be perfect accompanied by each age group logo printed out on 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper and cut out. It would even be cool to put a picture or at least the name of each age group's teacher with the logo.

  Click here to download this image.

As a welcome to SPLAT bulletin board, you can print out another Hue below that says "Welcome to SPLAT." You might even want to add your specific age group logo to the board as well. This would be a great addition to your welcome area or would add a nice pop of color to your classroom. That would leave you room on either side to hang any poster like visuals for the unit and the unit visual on the bulletin board.

  Click here to download this image.

We would love to see your completed SPLAT bulletin boards or your bulletin board ideas! Post them on your favorite social media outlet using #splatlit #frombulkytobeauty

And be sure to check out our blog on Friday March 4 for a new post as we continue this series on some cool ways to decorate your SPLAT classroom.


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