Becca Watts
(Managing Editor)
Posted 9.1.16



We interrupt our previously scheduled programming for a special blog post! Thanks to a SPLAT customer who is just as excited about our new material as we are, we have put together some much needed information about how to promote SPLAT in your church. We’re just going to present a few ideas but we would love to see some of yours! Just take a picture or make a post and tag it with #splatlit #splatpromo.

Community Campaign

VBS is easily one of the times in a year when churches are most visable in the community. When promoted properly, you can have more kids at your church during VBS than you do people in your church on Easter. This makes VBS the perfect time to begin getting kids and families fired up about SPLAT and SPLASH. This can be done a couple of different ways.

One is during VBS. You can print out the flyer below and give it to students one night as they leave VBS or include it in a parent handout after your closing ceremony or family night.

Click here to download SPLAT and SPLASH Flyer.

Be sure to write or type in your church’s information in case parents want to follow-up with you about SPLAT or SPLASH.

The other way you can get parents and children fired up about SPLAT and SPLASH is during VBS follow-up. One of the great things about VBS is that you get valid contact information on children who may not attend church anywhere. This makes them the perfect prospect for your church’s children’s ministry. You can follow-up with them after VBS by having their age group’s Sunday School teacher send each child a post card or small card inviting them to come to Sunday School. These cards or postcards can easily be designed using the the SPLAT general logo or a specific age group’s logo and printed on white cardstock. They could say something like “We would love to see you in Sunday School!” on the front with one of our logos and then the teacher can write a personal note inside or on the back.

In case you haven’t found them yet, here are our logos and age group logos.

  Click here to download Color SPLAT Logo.

  Click here to download Color Preschool Logo.

  Click here to download Color Pre-K & Kindergarten Logo.

  Click here to download Color 1st & 2nd Grade Logo.

  Click here to download Color 3rd & 4th Grade Logo.

  Click here to download Color 5th & 6th Grade Logo.

You might even want to provide information directing prospects to your website, social media sites or even our web page for more information about SPLAT and SPLASH.

Church Campaign

The flyer in the downloadable link above can be manipulated to be made larger or smaller. In order to manipulate the flyer, you will first want to download the image as a PDF and then export it as a JPEG file. To make ledger or tabloid size, you can insert the picture into something like a word file (make sure you go into page set up and choose tabloid), size the image to the size of the top part of the page, crop out the bottom of the picture and then add your church’s Sunday School information and contact information. To continue the SPLAT brand, you will want to use the font Myraid Pro to match our already existing text. You can do the same thing to create a half page bulletin insert. Just make sure your page is letter size and turned in a landscape position, then size the flyer to half. Crop some of the sides and the bottom off so you can add your church’s information. Feel free to manipulate it as needed to work for use in your church. This is a great way to get people excited about SPLAT.

Another way is by showing our SPLAT and SPLASH informational videos during worship. I wouldn’t suggest doing them both on the same Sunday, but maybe two Sundays in a row. These videos can be found and downloaded through our Vimeo page. The links can be found below.

SPLAT Overview Video

SPLASH Overview Video

Finally, the best way to get your church excited about SPLAT is by training your Sunday School Teachers on the new material. When your teachers get excited about the new material, then they have the opportunity to get parents and students excited as well. You can even use our video recordings of the SPLAT conference to help train your teachers. They can also be found on our Vimeo page for download using the link below.

What Is SPLAT? Video

How To Use SPLAT Video

What Is SPLASH? Video

Social Media Campaign

Social Media is a great (and often free) tool for churches to use to spread the word about what God is doing. You can use your church’s Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to some extent to help spread the word about SPLAT and SPLASH.

One easy way is simply to post something about SPLAT and SPLASH coming to your church and direct them to our websites where people can get more information about the literature.

You can also post the informational videos the week after you show them in worship so people who weren’t at church can see them. Church members can share the videos and their friends can see what is coming to your church.

One fun tool that helps to create traffic to my church’s Facebook page is with Vlog post. A Vlog is a video blog. Typically, they are shot using a phone or webcam and simply contain a person speaking into the camera. It would be awesome to use a weekly Vlog post leading up to the launch of SPLAT in your church using your Sunday School teachers. They could take about thirty seconds to a minute to explain why they enjoy teaching Sunday School, what’s going to be different in their classrooms now that they have SPLAT and SPLASH or why they are excited about SPLAT and SPLASH coming to your church. You might even consider including your pastor, minister of education, Sunday School director, children’s minister or any type of church leadership that works with the children in your church.

To make things simple, find a well lit place with a white wall and let the person speaking be the splat of color (so make sure they wear color). This is the approach we took with our SPLAT and SPLASH writer’s pictures. Then you can film the Vlog post on your phone and upload it directly to your church’s Facebook page or you can set it up so teachers can video themselves (selfie style) by setting your phone or camera up on a tripod of some kind.

Don’t forget when you post the video to Facebook, Facebook will ask you for a thumbnail picture. I suggest using the age group logo for the class that the teacher featured in the vlog teaches or the general SPLAT logo for all other church leadership. Also, don’t forget to tag the person in the video. Then it will show up on their timeline and to their friends. This allows for you to get more views. While it takes a little planning on the front end, this is a great and inexpensive way to spread the word about SPLAT and SPLASH.

Anything that you post to Facebook, can also be posted to Twitter. There’s even a setting within Facebook pages that allows for everything you post on your Facebook page to go directly onto Twitter by going to and logging into your page. Know that you cannot link Facebook and Twitter unless you are an administrator on your Facebook page and have access to your church’s Twitter account.

Instagram is a great place to reach a younger audience. And while you can’t post more than a ten second video or a picture, you can post a picture and then place a link in your bio to a website that contains the full content. This is a great way to get people to your website to view information. You could even use your vlog posts again. To do this simply post on Instagram the age group logo or a picture of the person in the vlog post and then have the full vlog post on your church’s website. This can also be done with any of the content that we have discussed for Facebook just by putting that same content in new places.

These are just a few ideas of how you can get your church and community pumped about SPLAT and SPLASH coming to your church! I hope everyone gets as excited as we are. If you have any additional ideas, we would love to hear them! Just post them to your favorite social media site with #splatlit #splatpromo


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