Becca Watts
(Managing Editor)
Posted 9.27.16



Doors and Hallways

One area that many Sunday School teachers forget to address in their church is their door and the hallway in their children’s ministry area. Children begin to pick up and perceive things from the minute they walk into the door.

One easy way you can decorate your door is simply by painting your door and door frame in your age group’s color. If all your Sunday School teachers do this, then students can easily identify which classroom is theirs based on the door color. Plus it adds bold pops of color to your children’s ministry area making it more fun and inviting for children. Coupled with a neutral wall color, you will be set for SPLAT to come to your children’s ministry area.

If you want to go all out SPLAT-tastic and your church can afford them, custom wall decals can be ordered from companies like We have not been able to find a place to print them cheaper and better than at If your church is interested in ordering them, simply download the art below, upload it to and your order will be placed. You can do this for each age group’s logo as well as the SPLAT and SPLASH logo (in a large size) to go on the walls along the hallway.

  Click here to download Color SPLAT Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

  Click here to download Color Preschool Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

  Click here to download Color Pre-K & Kindergarten Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

  Click here to download Color 1st & 2nd Grade Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

  Click here to download Color 3rd & 4th Grade Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

  Click here to download Color 5th & 6th Grade Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

  Click here to download Color SPLASH Logo. (18 x 24 inches)

Because of the SPLAT neutron balls and the intense shading it takes to get them right, we do not suggest you hand paint them. Instead, printing them or having them printed is a much better way to go which is also why we suggest you order a wall decal as art work in your hallway.

You can also use to create your very own Hue cut out. That would be a great way to get students excited about SPLAT coming to their church.

  Click here to download Color HUE Logo. (24 x 24 inches)

In our second blog post, we wrote on how you can decorate a bulletin board for any SPLAT classroom and that includes hallways. Click here to revisit that post.

We would love to see what you do with your hallways. Let us know and see by posting your SPLAT creations to your favorite social media using #splatlit #doorsandhallways.


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